In June 2020, Pro Star Group has been appointed by Thai Roong Ruang (TRR) Sugar Group as an agent for trading and marketing TRR refined sugar & liquid sugar.
TRR Sugar Group is widely known as the leading sugar manufacturer and exporter in Thailand. Established in 1946, the company has a long history of producing quality sugar through stringent measures and effective management system. It has made significant contribution to the country’s sugar production and exportation over the years.
 We welcome the opportunities and challenges this partnership will bring as we continue to solidify our platforms locally and globally.

Refined Sugar

Pure sugar suitable both for consumption and for use as a raw material in food and beverage industry. Conditioned refined sugar is passed through conditioning silo which is the process of moisture control to prevent sugar from evaporation or transformation into lump sugar.

Sugar Production standard
Color (ICUMSA): MAX. 45 IU
Polaization: ≥ 99.80
Moisture: ≤ 0.04%
 Paraticle Size: 0.60 - 0.85 mm.

Containing Capacity
25 kg (in PP Bag)
50 kg (in PP Bag)
1,000 kg (in PP Bag)

Liquid Sugar / Liquid Sucrose

 Derived from transferring crystallizing sugar to syrup via melting raw sugar to pass production process and to prevent contaminated dirt so that the outcome can be pure and clean sucrose that can be further utilized in producing food and soft drinks.

Liquid Sugar Production Standard
Color (ICUMASA): MAX. 45 IU
Concentration @ 20°C : 66.0-68.0%
 Invert Sugar. MAX. 0.5%

Liquid Sucrose Production Standard
Color (ICUMASA): MAX. 60 IU
Concentration @ 20°C : 66.2-68.0%
 Invert Sugar. MAX. 0.5%

Containing Capacity
 Tank Truck of 14-30 tons

We source with prudence, manufacture and deliver to the highest standard. We understand the different needs and customize with precision to our best ability.

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